CCB_sub_Blatt.jpgMolly Blatt has only lived in three places during her 95 years. She was born and raised in Heidelberg, Germany; fled to the United States at age 18 and lived in Brooklyn for more than 70 years; and most recently at age 87, she moved to Center Communities of Brookline.

Molly has had a long and productive life. As a teenager, she knew her survival depended on getting out of Germany. Despite her parents' wishes, she went to school to study "practical" things such as housekeeping, cooking, child tending and dressmaking – things she knew would make it possible to get a job in another country. She also studied English. And it paid off – she arrived in the United States by herself after securing a job as a maid with a family in Brooklyn.

With the help of her "adopted" family, she once again went to school studying in the evenings at Washington Irving High School and receiving a degree in nursing from Brooklyn Jewish Hospital. Over the years, she worked as a public health nurse, a visiting nurse and a camp nurse. She even managed to find the money to bring her mother and brother to the United States. She, her husband and two children lived in the same neighborhood for most of their lives.

Today, she enjoys life at Center Communities of Brookline. "I enjoy the diversity of people who live here," says Molly , "and I enjoy the wonderful lectures, programs and workshops." Molly joined a writing group and over the past few years wrote her memoirs in the form of letters to her grandchildren. She recently received an IPad from her son, a History Professor at Northeastern University and is slowly but surely learning to master it – as she has mastered so much else in her life.