Center Communities of Brookline offers everything a senior needs to live an active, healthy life: A vibrant environment, a full range of services and amenities and a convenient location in the heart of Brookline But it's our residents who make living here truly special.

Members of our community come from a variety of backgrounds and bring with them an incredible range of experiences, interests and skills, which they readily share with their neighbors. You'll learn more about some remarkable residents here and throughout this site.

Judith Juster

Moving to Center Communities of Brookline was a family decision for Judith Juster. After her husband died in 2010, Judith knew she didn't want to continue to live on Long Island.

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Janice and Jennifer Denton

Jennifer Denton had driven the trip from Brookline to Amherst to see her mother more times than she'd like to recall. And to make matters worse, her young son would often get carsick.

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Jim Craig

Jim Craig has followed his heart and conscience for his entire life. His life has been as varied as his current interests. Jim has lived at Center Communities of Brookline since 2013 and considers himself to be a "happy camper."

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Mimi Katz

Mimi Katz sees much of the world through the lens of her camera…and what a world it is. Whether it is a sunrise, a mountain range, the vegetables in a farmers' market or a field of flowers, Mimi captures "the moment" and, for her, time stands still.

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Molly Blatt

Molly Blatt has only lived in three places during her 95 years. She was born and raised in Heidelberg, Germany; fled to the United States at age 18 and lived in Brooklyn for more than 70 years; and most recently at age 87, she moved to Center Communities of Brookline.

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Sid Weinstein

What an honor! Center Communities of Brookline resident Sid Weinstein led the processional at the 2013 Harvard University commencement exercise. The reason for the honor?

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