Hebrew SeniorLife (HSL)/Hebrew Rehabilitation Center (HRC) is pleased to provide a high quality Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) program. Our program is currently the only Jewish geriatric CPE program accredited by the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education, Inc. in the country. In 2008, the CPE program received an award for "best new program" from the Association of Jewish Aging Services. Since that time, all but one of the certified Jewish chaplains in the Boston area have studied with us during their education and certification process. We are proud to have provided the education and training for a Jewish ACPE supervisor, who, as one of only 18 Jewish supervisors in the country, joined our Chaplaincy Institute permanently in 2015.

CPE clinical training at HSL provides important resources for the congregational rabbinate or ministry, as well as for aspiring or current healthcare chaplains.
Using an adult education model of action/reflection/integration, CPE students learn to develop their personal gifts for pastoral care through a disciplined program of learning, self-reflection, and clinical application.

The CPE curriculum at Hebrew SeniorLife moves through spiritual care as it relates to aging, illnesses of aging, family caregivers, bioethical decision-making, dying, and bereavement. Special attention is given to cultural and demographic diversity as this impacts spiritual issues. Units at HSL also include attention to spiritual caregiving in situations of dementia and surrounding end of life. Primary attention is placed on spiritual care through a Jewish lens; students who wish to learn about Christian spiritual care may make this one of their learning goals.

Students learn a Jewish approach to pastoral care and working with seniors, their families, and staff. English will be the predominant language of the educational program, and applicants must be fluent in spoken and written English. The CPE program welcomes both Jewish and non-Jewish applicants. Special opportunities are available for Russian-speaking applicants, as a significant portion of HRC residents speak Russian; some allowances can be negotiated individually for Russian-speaking students or Israeli students who need to do some of their assignments orally rather than in writing.

Starting in 2014, HSL created summer half-units of CPE, in part to serve Israeli chaplains seeking training in spiritual care. We are pleased to partner with several Israeli chaplaincy organizations to continue to offer this unique opportunity.

About Hebrew SeniorLife
In the last 100 years, Hebrew SeniorLife (HSL) has grown from a small residence for frail elderly in Dorchester to a highly-integrated system of care with an international reputation that encompasses 650 chronic care hospital patients, groundbreaking senior care research (Institute for Aging Research), palliative and hospice care, and new models of sub-acute care and post-hospital care.

Hebrew Rehabilitation Center (HRC) is the largest of HSL’s institutions, with one campus in Roslindale. This campus offers long-term care, short-term post-acute care, acute care, adult day care, outpatient specialty services, and home care.

NewBridge on the Charles is HSL’s newer campus, located in Dedham, which offers independent living and assisted living in addition to rehabilitation services and residential hospital care.

Most, but not all, of our long-term care residents are Jewish. Our short-term rehabilitation services units serve a population which includes a broader mix between Jews and people of other faiths.