Expressive Therapies Department at Hebrew Rehabilitation Center

Testimonials of HRC family members

Nerry's Testimonial

My mother is a former college professor. She never attempted to draw or paint in her life prior to coming to Hebrew Senior Life. After having a stroke she became aphasic, non-ambulatory and depressed. When I learned that she started painting with Olga, I could not believe that this is possible.  Olga has found an amazing technique of replicating  famous abstract paintings that appealed to my mother’s intellectual background. My mother  made tremendous progress since she started painting  two years ago. Prior to her sessions with Olga she was mostly bed ridden and tolerated few hours per day to stay out of bed during meal times. Since she began making Art, her motivation for the rehabilitation improved dramatically.  She eats better, has more energy  and alertness to stay out of bed for the entire day. She also looks happier, more engaged  and never misses her weekly Art therapy sessions.

Florence's Testimonial

Florence had a lot of difficulties accepting her new functional status after the stroke. She did not believe at first that she can use her non dominant hand for the  Art making. The first several months her therapist had to work extremely hard instilling hope, encouraging and supporting Florence’s self confidence.  After one year of this hard work, Florence was taught to paint with her  left hand and soon, she started using this hand to feed herself. She is very proud of her newly acquired independence and credited her Art therapist’s perseverance in her personal success story.


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