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How to Plan for Long-Term Care

Long-Term Care and Your Loved One

You are becoming concerned that your loved one can no longer live alone without continuous supervision. After a few years of failing health, she can no longer walk without assistance and personal hygiene has become challenging. She has trouble remembering the names of her grandchildren and getting dressed in the morning has become almost impossible to do alone. It is apparent that your loved one is exhibiting ongoing and debilitating decline.

Like countless individuals in the same situation, you have lots of questions about long-term care. Is it the appropriate level of care for your loved one? Do you even understand long-term care and what it offers?

What Is a Long-term Care Facility?

A long-term care facility offers a variety of services, including medical and non-medical care, for people who have a chronic illness or disability. Physicians and nurses who understand the unique health-care needs of seniors provide medical care to residents. Physicians may or may not be located onsite. Recreation and creative arts therapists offer residents a wide range of activities, and dietitians ensure that each resident's individual nutritional requirements are met. At some facilities, exercise programs, where residents can work out under the close supervision of specialized trainers, are also offered.

How to Begin to Choose a Long-term Care Facility?

Seeking long-term care for an elder loved one presents many challenges and uncertainties. Sometimes decisions need to be made quickly as a result of a sudden injury; over time, as in the case of a degenerative disease; or over a longer period of time when the realization hits home that a loved one can no longer provide self-care. In any event, making long-term care decisions often takes more time than anticipated. Experts in elder care agree that planning ahead will help those involved with this important life decision.

Hebrew Rehabilitation Center offers a long-term care planning guide for individuals who may need help with their decision. Offered free of charge, this guide is designed to take you through the stages involved in making key elder care decisions - from recognizing what type of help is needed most to identifying the best resources for assistance in long-term care.

Download your free Long-Term Care Planning Guide.

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