Palliative Care at Hebrew Rehabilitation Center

How Palliative Care Works

What patients want

  • Vigorous treatment of their pain and symptoms
  • Good communication with care team
  • Relief from worry, anxiety and depression
  • Support for family caregivers
  • How can palliative care at HSL help?

  • Palliative care can offer relief from distressing symptoms such as pain, shortness of breath, anxiety, and difficulty sleeping
  • It offers help to improve ability to carry on with your daily life
  • Palliative care offers a better understanding of your condition and your choices for medical care
  • Palliative care should be 

  • An essential component of care for a frail and medically compromised elderly population
  • Quality care for those with life-limiting or life-threatening illness
  • Improved quality of care, enhanced experience for patient and family, and support of caregivers
  • How the program works  

  • Patient-centered care
  • Clarifies goals of care for patient, family and care staff
  • Prevents and relieves pain and distressing symptoms, including physical, psychological, social and spiritual suffering
  • Supports best possible quality of life for patients and families as the focus of care changes from curative treatment to disease and symptom management
  • Can be delivered at the same time as life-prolonging treatment
  • Program goals 

  • To improve the quality of care for patients with life-threatening or debilitating conditions
  • To improve patient and family satisfaction
  • To improve support of caregiver team and family unit
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  • Questions? 617-363-8853 or email Palliative Care 


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