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Keeping Kosher

What's it all about?

Hebrew Rehabilitation Center is a kosher facility.  What this means is that our kitchen follows the Jewish religious laws pertaining to food and eating. As a community, we try to build respect and knowledge about these ancient and modern customs.

The kosher laws (kashrut) are based on a spiritual commitment to honoring life and building community (keeping kosher).  There are four things you should know about kosher food:

  • Milk and meat are never mixed together or served together.

"You shall not cook a kid in its mother's milk." Exodus 23:19

  • Only certain animals are considered appropriatefor slaughtering and eating. (i.e., beef and chicken are kosher; pork and shellfish are not).

"You shall separate the pure and the impure beasts." Leviticus 20:25

  • There is a specific way of slaughtering that makes the meat kosher.

"You are not eat flesh that a beast has torn apart." Exodus 22:30

  • Fish, eggs and vegetables are parve (neither meat nor milk), and they can be eaten with either.

Jewish tradition tries to keep us conscious of what we eat and encourages us to be thoughtful about where our food comes from. Requiring people to not mix together milk (and all milk products: cheese, yogurt, creamy soups...) and meat (actual meat, as well as anything containing meat byproducts) is a way of making us think more about how we feed our bodies.

At HRC, the kitchen takes care of ensuring that the food our residents eat is kosher.  Staff help by being aware of whether a meal is "meat" or "milk" and assisting residents in following the customs.  While not all residents want to follow these customs all the time, staff help create a culture where those who do care deeply, or did earlier in their lives, can be comfortable. 


Rabbi Sara Paasche-Orlow -- 617-363-8386
Chaplain Hali Diecidue -- 617-363-8619  

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