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Kosher Food

The following are examples of kosher foods:

  • All fresh fruits and vegetables, grains and cereals.
  • Milk and dairy products (cheeses must have a kosher symbol on the package to be kosher by some standards because of enzymes used in making certain cheeses).
  • Fish with fins and scales (no shellfish).
  • Eggs from kosher fish and fowl.
  • Animals that have split hooves and that chew cud. Cows and sheep are kosher; horses and pigs are not. (The animal must be slaughtered in a kosher slaughtering house.)
  • Dairy products and meat are eaten separately. After consuming meat, some people wait three hours, while others wait six hours, before consuming dairy products. Food that are neither dairy nor meat (parve) can be eaten with either dairy or meat products. Fowl fall under the meat category.
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