Jewish Life and Services at Hebrew Rehabilitation Center

Kosher Policy

HRC has a kosher kitchen providing meals to residents three times a day, birthday cakes, and special events fare. Rabbi Nochum Cywiak of the Orthodox Rabbinical Council of Greater Boston is the Mashgiach (kosher overseer) and is present regularly in the kitchen and cafeteria.

HRC runs a cafeteria for its staff and visitors where guests can choose a full complement of kosher foods. There is a sandwich counter that is either milchig (dairy) or fleischig (meat), depending on the day. There are soups daily and a hot lunch is available on weekdays. In response to the needs of our diverse staff, there are always milk products available for purchase, regardless of the menu being offered. Those wishing to have a kosher meal can do so, and others can fulfill their dietary wishes as desired.

On the units and in all public spaces at HRC, we have asked staff to serve residents and guests only food that is prepared in our cafeteria or brought in from clearly hekshered (marked kosher) businesses. After a meat meal, staff are advised to not serve any milk products for two hours unless it is medically indicated.

Staff, family members and residents are free to bring in for personal consumption whatever they want as long as it is consumed privately and is not in any way in contact with HRC dishes or silverware. Staff and family parties that are held in public spaces, such as the synagogue, lobby or auditorium, must be kosher. Given the diversity of families who are part of the HRC community, we have designated a meeting room on the B1 level for non-kosher events planned by family members. 

Questions? Call Rabbi Cywiak at 617-363-8241.

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