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Yontif Days (Jewish Holy Days)

Specific Jewish holidays and the Sabbath (Saturday) are times when Orthodox  Jewish tradition prohibits all work, and many Jews of diverse backgrounds celebrate with reflection, worship, time with friends and family, and rest.  These are times of spiritual focus and enjoyment, and our policy is that, unless it is a medical necessity or emergency in long-term care, we follow these guidelines.


  • Please come visit.
  • Help bring residents and patients to services in the synagogue, and to holiday concerts.
  • Join us for a holiday meal.


  • Give pre-planned  tours or hold family meetings (unless specially requested by family).
  • Discharge residents.
  • Open the gift shop, beauty parlor or bank.
  • No clinics or medical appointments (except in the case of an emergency).
  • No construction, cleaning of public areas, or landscape work.
  • Hold unit programming if it conflicts with prayer services unless it is in the spirit of the holiday.

On our acute care units, there should be a conscientious sensitivity to this observance; however, there may be admissions and discharges when necessary, and when the patient and family members agree.

High Holidays Schedule

Please call 617-363-8386 with any questions.  

Yontif Days (Jewish Holy Days)

Rosh Hashana (2 days)
Yom Kippur (1 day)
Sukkot (2 days)
Shemini Etseret (1 day)
Simchat Torah (1 day)
Passover (2 days at beginning and 2 at end of week)
Shavuot (2 days)

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