Outpatient Clinic Health Services at Hebrew Rehabilitation Center

Speech-Language Pathology Clinic for Seniors

Speech-Language Pathology services help older patients with speech-language, cognitive-linguistic and swallowing disorders.
We provide services that address:

  • communication disorders, including comprehension, expression, speech production, and voice
  • cognitive-linguistic deficits, including attention, concentration, reasoning, problem solving, memory, thought organization, and safety awareness
  • dysphagia, a swallowing disorder, including all aspects of chewing and/or swallowing food, liquids or pills

Therapeutic services are offered in multiple languages, including Russian, Spanish, and French, along with specialized therapeutic techniques including:

  • Lee Silverman Voice Therapy Technique for Patients with Parkinson's Disease.
  • VitalStim-A cutting edge therapy that uses electrical stimulation to improve swallowing function in patients with Dysphagia.
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