We asked our residents how they feel about living at Hebrew Rehabilitation Center.

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Fanya Gorenshteyn –resident
When I was moving to live here I was worrying that nothing would be as nice as my beautiful apartment in town.  I was wrong. I came to love this place. I have a nice clean room, I can get here everything I can think of: all kinds of services, cultural activities, books, TV… I often talk by phone to my wonderful children and grandchildren and they regularly visit me.  I feel I am in paradise.

Nina Tseytlin – resident
Unfortunately I have neither family nor friends in the Boston area but I do not feel alone.  I have people around me who have backgrounds similar to mine.  Also, I can get very good medical care here.

Esfir Vayntrub – resident
I love the place and a nice green area around – Arboretum. Previously I had a very positive experience with HRC when they took care of my sister.  During eight difficult years the staff was doing an incredible job taking care of her.  I will never forget this.  Now I appreciate all their medical help to me.  Also I have here the possibility to read a lot. Thanks for everything.

Clara Mints – resident
I am deeply satisfied with the conditions of life here.  It is very-very important to me that I am in the Russian-speaking environment.  I am also impressed with the high quality of food, care and medical assistance.  My close friend has to move to the assisted living facility.  I told her that there is no better place than HRC.

Vladimir Bychkov –resident
HRC addresses all the needs of an intelligent senior.  I can use my time creatively here, learn and do a lot of new things.  Now I am writing my life memoirs.  I have chosen “Paradise” for the title of the chapter describing HRC.

Moisey Baranissky   - resident
I like it here. I am surrounded by the people approximately of the same age as myself and who were born and grew up in Russia.  We have a lot of common experience.  I am never tired of talking with the people and hearing an amazing variety of life stories. It is like reading exciting fiction books.

Eska Shklovskaya –resident
I am pleased with the efficiency and kindness of the staff at HRC, they are always ready to help me.  But of special importance to me is the Russian cultural program.  It is really hard to find yourself in a completely new environment where everybody speaks a different language.  That is why I am deeply moved every time when on our floor I hear Russian songs and poetry that I remember since my young years.  Thank you!