Resources: Tips for Healthy Aging at Hebrew SeniorLife

How to Protect Yourself from Extreme Cold

Brought on by extreme temperature, hypothermia (low body temperature) can cause life-threatening emergencies if not treated immediately. Older adults, especially those who are sick, frail and very old, are more vulnerable to extreme temperatures than younger people.

Geriatricians at Hebrew Rehabilitation Center, offer the following tips for dealing with extreme cold:

  • Insulate your home properly; caulk windows to prevent drafts.
  • When outside, wear layers of warm clothing, including a hat and scarf to prevent heat loss through your head.
  • Use extra blankets at bedtime, as hypothermia can develop during sleep.
  • Eat nutritious foods, exercise moderately, and get an adequate amount of sleep.
  • Drink plenty of fluids.
  • If you live alone, have a relative or neighbor check in with you on a daily basis to make sure that you are okay.
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