The Life Enhancement Program provides a variety of options to help the residents at Hebrew Rehabilitation Center continue to pursue their interests and passions.  Groups, programs and events are designed to foster a sense of belonging, engagement and opportunity as the residents continue to live their lives here at Hebrew Rehabilitation Center. 

The Life Enhancement Department develops programming based on the needs and wishes of the residents, with their input.   Regular programming includes:

  • Therapeutic programs to maintain cognitive abilities
  • Center-wide programs to provide socialization for residents from different floors and households 
  • Concerts to encourage memories and provide enjoyment
  • Holiday events for residents to celebrate as they did throughout their lives
  • Chair Yoga provides residents the opportunity for low level stretches along with anxiety reducing breathing
  • Intergenerational programs are developed with children from pre-school age through college.  This allows the residents to form relationships with the children and be part of each other’s lives.  The engagement is helpful in reducing depression and anxiety.
  • Social Groups: men’s club, women’s club, knitting club are designed to welcome residents from all floors, give the residents a sense of belonging and some control over their own lives.  These clubs are run by the residents and guided by the Life Enhancement staff.
  • Volunteering for a Cause, the residents have walked to raise awareness and funds for the Alzheimer’s Association and Breast Cancer. 

The Life Enhancement Team incorporates resident input, seeks input from other departments and their own professional experience to create an atmosphere of engagement and opportunity for the residents of Hebrew Rehabilitation Center to continue to live their lives to the fullest within their abilities.