Recreation Therapy

Promoting the cognitive, physical, social and emotional well-being of each resident through recreation-based programs. Please refer to the ­monthly activities calendar for a listing of events.

Expressive Therapies

Using the arts to address residents' psychological and social needs.

Occupational Therapy 

Providing a wide variety of therapeutic activities to help residents maintain their highest level of functioning in activities of daily living (eating, grooming, hygiene, etc.).

Physical Therapy 

Helping residents achieve and maintain their highest level of mobility and strength through individual or group instruction in stretching, exercises, weight training and walking.

Respiratory Therapy 

Providing respiratory care, under medical direction, in the treatment, management, diagnostic evaluation and care of residents with primary or secondary pulmonary diagnoses.

Speech-Language Pathology

Assessing and treating speech, language, cognitive-linguistic, and swallowing disorders.


Hearing testing to determine the nature and extent of hearing loss and, if appropriate, recommending a plan of remediation to maximize residual hearing and communication efforts.