We are committed to a whole person approach to health, aging and well-being, with an emphasis on meeting the spiritual and emotional needs of residents and patients.

Our commitment to redefining the experience of aging is rooted in a heritage of honoring and respecting our elders. We can think of no better way to do this than to promote the independence of seniors and dispel the notion that growing old has to mean growing frail.

Our Mission

In the spirit of the Fifth Commandment, as illuminated by the traditions of the Jewish people, our mission is to honor our elders, by respecting and promoting their independence, spiritual vigor, dignity and choice, and by recognizing that they are a resource to be cherished. As part of our mission, we accept special responsibility for the frailest and neediest members of our community who are most dependent on our care. Everything we do flows from these tenets and is further inspired by the duty of tikkun olam -- to heal the world. We seek to fulfill this mission by:

  1. Providing a complete and integrated spectrum of the highest quality health-care and housing facilities and services for seniors.
  2. Conducting medical and social gerontological research to improve seniors' health and quality of life. 
  3. Teaching future generations of health-care professionals.
  4. Advocating for policies and programs that benefit seniors and their families.
  5. Providing national and international leadership in the fields of senior health care, housing, research and teaching.
  6. Raising standards in senior health and housing through innovation and leadership at the local, state, national and international levels.