Assisted Living at NewBridge on the Charles

Assisted Living Testimonials

Carla, Memory Care Assisted Living Resident
I've maintained my independence in a way I did not think was possible. I can continue to enjoy concerts as I always have. The library is great. I can be by myself if I like or enjoy the many programs planned every day. There is a lot of good stuff going on.  
I love to walk. The campus is beautiful inside and out. You can walk indoors in the middle of winter or during a summer heat wave. The architecture, with such large windows, brings the outside in, wherever you are. Most of all, I love the fact that from the kitchen staff on down, everyone knows you personally and treats you well. I'm greeted by name. They remember my dining preferences. I'm personally invited to programs the staff thinks I might enjoy. It's lovely. We are so well cared for. I can only tell you my children are happy, my brother is happy, and it's all thanks to the staff at NewBridge. I've been very lucky. 

Janet CoreyJanet, Assisted Living Resident
I try to come to every program because I feel it’s so good for me. The exercise program is fabulous, we are so fortunate to get it. The yoga is very relaxing. And such wonderful musical performances - you couldn’t do better if you traveled the earth! So much work goes into each program. Everybody is here to help you. Elderly people need compassion and kindness and that’s what we get here. If you want to learn, this is the place. It keeps you going. I’ve received excellent medical care. All you need is here. Don’t’ have to go anywhere. You can stay here and be taken care of. As far as I’m concerned, it’s the assisted living place in all of Massachusetts.

Lester, family member of Assisted Living Resident
We expected a rough transition...and it was anything but. She made an amazingly easy transition. I was shocked, truly shocked. She has blossomed. She's involved, she's positive, she's outgoing. I stayed with her for the first week and watched her grow. Previously, the emphasis had been on what she can't do. Here the emphasis is on what she can. I love the multidisciplinary approach where the focus is not just on one facet of her life -- physical, mental and social -- it's the whole person. 


Laura, daughter of Assisted Living Resident
Nothing can describe the sense of relief a family like ours feels when their beloved elder is in a beautiful and safe place, staffed by truly incredible people: from administrators and nurses, to aides and caretakers, to rabbis and program leaders and dining room servers -- who treat the residents and their families with unparalleled respect and dignity and thoughtfulness. We are deeply grateful for the care my father has received the past few months and that he continues to receive -- something we are reminded of at the beginning, and end, of every precious visit.


leftinGail, daughter of Assisted Living Resident
I just wanted to thank you for all you have done thus far to make my mom feel welcome. Our initial experience here has been above and beyond our highest expectations. My mother has been welcomed wholeheartedly into the community by every person she has interacted with. The programming is just perfect for her needs. The field trips to the museums and concerts are such a treat for her and provide her with something to look forward to. The afternoon tea was just the icebreaker she needed to feel included as a resident, rather than a guest. In addition to the staff, the residents have also been above and beyond welcoming, friendly and inclusive. You have set up an amazing environment and I thank you!


DavidDavid, son of Memory Care Assisted Living Residents
My sister and I moved our parents from a memory unit in the Baltimore area. Both of our parents suffer from Alzheimer's. We had looked at several other communities. We saw nothing that could compare to the programs, the interior spaces, and the grounds. We felt confident that our parents would have chosen NewBridge if they had had the capacity to do so. The staff is experienced, friendly and flexible. I rarely see the TV on. I do see residents in the art room, listening to music, gathering over meals, or enjoying other programs. The connectivity of the buildings means that I can walk my parents to a doctor's appointment or for ice cream without having to leave the building. This has greatly simplified my experience and has made visiting a lot more fun. The multitude of private interior spaces where I can sit quietly with my parents is also a major asset of NewBridge.  I don't feel like my parents are isolated. I feel that they're part of larger community and the community works together for the well being of all of the residents. I could not be any more satisfied.


Shelley, daughter of Memory Care Resident
I had looked at several other assisted living places that were closer to me and I felt she would get much better care here. Mom really likes it. She felt very comfortable with the staff on all levels and would agree they have been wonderful to her. The residents have too. From my perspective she has made her own community here. I was really happy to see her with a group of friends. The people at NewBridge look after each other. We also appreciate the philosophy of keeping people as independent as possible; it's so important. This encourages her to do things for herself. It is easy to say I'll have someone do something for me, but they foster independence here. I think this is great. Mom loves to go on the trips. This works out well for her. She also loves the musical programs. Before she was going to only one class, a few days a week. Now she can attend more daily programming. I think she definitely has thrived in this environment. She's well rested and happier. I definitely can tell that this has been a good change for her. I feel very good about the decision. I am very pleased.

John, son of Memory Care Resident
The transition was remarkable. It took her a week or two before she really got it but we had no issues at all. Since then she has accepted this as her home. She is really busy and she has friends here. There is always something going on. It is just amazing. There is just so much attention here and we could not give this to her 24/7. She is very fond of the concerts. She has always loved music. Those experiences are memorable to her, more than anything else. She is living more than she did. She is herself. There is a lot more there now. That which I remember being the "real her". She has started doing real sketches from photographs and she was able to get really good likenesses. She has lost the ability to express in words, but she can express through music and art. The team spotted this early on and gave her this outlet. And this has been amazing to see. Her art has actually gotten better. It is remarkable. The staff has brought this out in her. We couldn't be happier.


Andrea, daughter of Memory Care Resident
The quality of the people that work here and their commitment to the people that live here is so amazing. You see people engaged. They care. They treat the residents with such dignity. They go beyond the basic needs of the resident. And that includes the medical care. The doctors have been fantastic. They work together. You can email them. You know everyone feels a responsibility to be accountable at NewBridge. When you are leaving your loved one somewhere you need to know that they are getting that special loving touch. I think the quality of the people is amazing. I know Mom is in great hands. She is being encouraged and stimulated. I think right now my mother's evolution is human touch, relations, music, things that make her feel comfortable. Those needs are being met. Aesthetically it is beyond words. I know this has a direct impact on my mother. So much thought went into the design of NewBridge. It is warm. It makes it easy for people to live here. 



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