From its inception, NewBridge on the Charles was envisioned as a multigenerational campus where residents and young people would share in educational and social activities on a regular basis. That vision began taking shape in 2010 when The Rashi School opened its doors to 500 students ranging from kindergarten to eighth grade on the NewBridge campus.

NBOC_MultigenInteraction.jpgNewBridge residents also have ample opportunity to spend time with youngsters from a number of local schools and organizations. This is a mutually beneficial relationship. The young people bring liveliness and joy into the community and residents in turn spend hours reading, tutoring, and participating in learning activities with the students. On any given day, they enjoy participating in sing-a-longs, games, and holiday celebrations.

Students also benefit from the opportunity to volunteer their time. They visit the Hebrew Rehabilitation Center on campus to share artwork, perform plays, sing, and simply spend time visiting with residents who are in short-, long-term care, and in other special support areas.