NewBridge on the Charles is a special natural environment preserved for current and future generations to enjoy as a place of respite and recreation. Residents are surrounded by a 162-acre natural environment of fields, meadows, woodlands, wetlands and riverfront that are a source of life-long learning, discovery and delight.

The NewBridge site features more than 34,750 native plantings that complement the wooded setting of maple, oak, white pine and many other species of trees, native grasses, vines and perennials. Our natural meadows are home to many native birds -- it's not unusual to spot a great blue heron by the river of red-tailed hawks in the tree canopy. Wild turkeys and white-tailed deer are also campus residents.

Our energy-efficient buildings also contribute to maintaining the natural environment of our campus. We collect rainwater to water native, drought-resistant plantings, use geothermal energy for heating and cooling, and much of the stone on the campus was part of this land.

The natural beauty of NewBridge is showcased on our two miles of walking trails. Outdoor gardens and sitting areas are available throughout the campus, along with numerous landscaped gathering places for outdoor dining and events. Residents also have the opportunity to put their green thumbs to use in our community gardens, as well as the option to create private gardens in the Cottage neighborhood.

Beyond the campus, the town of Dedham contains significant natural and recreational resources that are open to the public. These natural areas offer miles of hiking trails, bird watching, and escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. NewBridge on the Charles is part of the Dedham Trail System, which includes a scenic water trail marked with signs at historical and ecologically significant locations.