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Seniors often delay moving to a long-term care facility until it becomes a necessity.  More often than not the decision is made for medical reasons.  Take a fresh look at long-term care. It could be right for you or your loved one for other reasons.

Long-term care facilities are attractive alternatives to staying in one’s home, especially for seniors who would otherwise be lonely, isolated and depressed.  In their own home, sitting and waiting for a family member to drop by at the end of the day, watching television,  or waiting for a home companion to visit at lunch time may be the only activities of the day.

Imagine a day filled with activities that are tailored to a senior’s interests and needs.  That day is here.   In a long term care facility, seniors belong to a community and contribute in meaningful ways. 

Over the past several years, long-term care facilities, or nursing homes, have made many changes that offer seniors more choices.  How a senior chooses to spend his or her day looks very different than it did ten years ago.   The long-term care community offers many opportunities for learning, creativity and socialization.  With just the right amount of programs and activities, seniors can feel part of a community.

At meal times, there are lots of people around which makes for lots of conversation and story-telling.  Enjoying a movie or a lecture with new friends provides a meaningful way to end the day.  And when family and friends visit, there is so much to share.

Because nursing homes are asking residents and family members for their input, the choices offered are varied and always changing. Programs ranging from fitness and exercise, to creative arts and music programs are all ways that seniors are engaged with others and enjoying their days. 

Experts in elder care agree that planning ahead – before a serious problem – will help
ensure your loved one is in the right long-term care community; one that matches his or her interests, and offers all the things that keep him or her engaged and enjoying life.

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