Our Philosophy at Orchard Cove

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple: Residents choose how they want to live at Orchard Cove. We offer independent living plus the benefits of being part of a thriving community - but without the responsibilities of homeownership.

Once residents move into Orchard Cove, they continue leading active and fulfilling lives, pursuing the activities they enjoy the most. Residents have the flexibility to choose everything, including their own apartment design, meals, health and wellness programs, and volunteer opportunities. They can also participate in a wide array of recreational, cultural, and educational activities, such as visits to shopping centers, museums, galleries, the symphony, cultural attractions, and much more.

At Orchard Cove, we also take great pride in our residents' contributions that shape, define, and enrich our community. We celebrate each individual's wealth of knowledge, experience, and talents through many different programs and initiatives, making us the ideal community for those who are proud of their life accomplishments and want to give back to others.

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