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Vitalize 360

Vitalize 360 Vitalize 360 helps residents make lifestyle changes that not only lead to improved health, but to a richer quality of life.  It empowers seniors to take a proactive, preventive approach to living life to its fullest, with high levels of physical, social and emotional function..  Vitalize 360 doesn’t look at just one part of an individual.  It looks at the entire well-being on a person – the 360-degree view.  It encourages residents to consider all aspects of their lives, including health, nutrition, physical and mental fitness, community links, lifelong learning and spirituality. 

Setting Life Goals
Life goals are important – whether one is 20, 50 or even 90.  Vitalize 360 is a holistic program that coaches each senior to set and accomplish personal goals.  It challenges residents to think about their legacy and to create a full, vibrant lifestyle.  The program provides both support and the programming opportunities needed to help residents achieve their defined goals.

Your Health. Your Wellness. Your Plan. 
In creating a resident’s personalized wellness plan, experts at Orchard Cove’s Vitalize 360 program utilize COLLAGE, a proven, computerized scientific assessment to measure the physical, mental and social well-being of independent older adults.  This assessment tool was developed, in part, at Hebrew SeniorLife’s Institute for Aging Research.  It is administered by the Orchard Cove Vitality Coach who has been specially trained in the art of coaching seniors.

Following the assessment, residents work with Orchard Cove’s interdisciplinary team (including doctors, nurses, nutritionists, social workers as well as behavioral and fitness professionals) to determine their individual life goals and create a personalized wellness plan to help achieve them.  The wellness plan is designed to inspire positive lifestyle changes.  It might include a walking or swimming program; changes in eating habits; participation in a book group or volunteering in the local schools. The team acts as advocates for each resident as they implement their personal wellness plans, and the Vitality Coach works one-on-one with each resident to measure progress and update plans.

Vitalize 360 is helping to redefine aging. It is shattering the image of senior s leading a sedentary and complacent life.  It is about seniors taking control of their life goals and developing personal plans to achieve meaningful, interesting and active lives… no matter what their age.

Vitalize 360 Results
We have seen significant results amongst our residents because of their participation in Vitalize 360:

  • 90% of residents participate in the program
  • Since 2011, the percentage of residents who exercise increased from 33% to 74%
  • 85% of the Vitalize 360 participants developed a fitness plan
  • Of those resident participating, 80% exercise on a regular basis (more than twice a week)

“Just because I’m 85, doesn’t mean my life is over.  Sometimes you just need to pause and recalculate your future. Vitalize 360 has helped me really think about my life and what’s still important to me – and what I still want to accomplish.”   Sylvia N., Orchard Cove Resident

Susan Flashner-Fineman is Orchard Cove’s Vitalize 360 Coach.   She had been the Fitness Director at Orchard Cove for the past ten years. 

Susan"As the Vitalize 360 coach, my mission is to guide and inspire each and every resident to live their best life possible of fulfillment and satisfaction. The Vitalize 360 program takes a very proactive approach to lifetime wellness. I believe this approach empowers residents to really think about their lives and their legacy. Together residents and I engage in meaningful conversations about all aspects of life including health, nutrition, fitness, and life-long learning. Residents are encouraged to be introspective as they speak about their life dreams, values and accomplishments and life's challenges. Each resident develops a personalized vitality plan which is designed to inspire positive lifestyle changes and improvements.The plan includes a Life goal, supporting goals and a realistic action plan. Vitalize 360 also has an amazing team of Orchard Cove professionals including fitness staff, physicians and nurses, member relations, activities director, and social worker. We work together to support residents on their journey towards achieving their goals!"

We encourage each resident to "be the CEO" of his or her own health care program and participate in the activities he or she enjoys most, taking advantage of new opportunities on a regular basis.

Here are just some of the Vitalize 360 topics that have dramatically enhanced the health and well-being of our residents:


  • Aerobics - morning, aquatic and gentle chair aerobics
  • Balance Class
  • Yoga - both chair and floor yoga
  • Zumba Gold - both traditional Zumba Gold and chair Zumba Gold
  • Cardio & Strength Training
  • Folk Dancing
  • Joints in Motion
  • Meditation
  • Muscle Tone
  • Stretch and Flex
  • Tai Chi

Lifelong Learning

  • Composers: Their Lives & Music
  • Luminaries in the Arts
  • Current Events

Mind & Spirit

  • Life Transitions
  • Inspiration, Music & Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Tai Chi

Life Enrichment

  • Concert Series & Performing Arts
  • Literature - Book Groups, Short Stories, Poetry
  • Art Classes

 Community Service and Volunteering

  • Resident- led Committees / Orchard Cove Resident Association
  • Two Way Street School Outreach
  • "Project Linus" - Quilting & Knitting

For more information, contact our Marketing Department at 781-821-1730.

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