The award-wining Vitalize360 program helps our residents accomplish their life goals by empowering them to take a proactive, preventive approach to living life to its fullest.

Beginning with a proven, computerized assessment, the Vitalize360 coach then works with the resident to create a personalized wellness plan. The resident then works with Orchard Cove’s interdisciplinary team (including doctors, nurses, nutrition specialists, social workers as well as behavioral and fitness professionals) to determine their individual life goals and create a personalized wellness plan to inspire positive lifestyle changes.

The wellness plan might include:

  • a walking or swimming program;
  • changes in eating habits;
  • participation in a book group or volunteering in the local schools.

The team acts as advocates for each resident as he or she implements the personal wellness plans, and the Vitality Coach works one-on-one with each resident to measure progress and update plans.

Vitalize360 is helping to redefine aging by shattering the image of seniors leading a sedentary and complacent life. It is about seniors taking control of their life goals and developing personal plans to achieve meaningful, interesting and active lives … no matter what their age.