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Redefining the Aging Experience

Today, our nation is entering uncharted territory. An unprecedented number of seniors will want, need, and deserve more services than are currently available. Coupled with the increased need for services is rising expectations that reflect a desire and determination to live out their senior years to the fullest. This new reality makes our commitment to seniors more relevant than ever. We are an organization uniquely qualified to transform the experience of aging in America.

In thinking about how to communicate this commitment, we realized there is no one word to describe everything that Hebrew SeniorLife has done, and continues to do, to redefine aging.

So we invented one—“ReAge.”

ReAge signifies a resolve to question everything about the aging process. We’re not repeating what others have done; we’re reimagining what else is possible.
Hebrew SeniorLife has never accepted the status quo, and throughout our 108-year history, our leadership has continually challenged conventions and myths surrounding what it means to age. Hebrew SeniorLife was one of the first senior care organizations in the country to have a fulltime medical staff; the longest running research institute; the first—and still the only—with a Harvard Medical School affiliation; and the first to build a multigenerational campus from the ground up.

Our commitment to ReAging America is rooted in a heritage of honoring and respecting our elders. We can think of no better way to do this than to promote the independence of seniors and dispel the notion that growing old has to mean growing frail.

To solve the deep and complex problems of an aging population, we draw upon the power of our staff, our volunteer leaders and our generous donors. Our community of support sustains and nourishes us as we take on these difficult tasks, and we cannot thank all of you enough. Let’s ReAge America together.

View our Report to the Community and watch videos of our leadership reflecting on the meaning of ReAge:

Lou Woolf, Hebrew SeniorLife President and CEO, describes the ReAge movement.

Lew Lipsitz, MD, Director, Institute for Aging Research, outlines how our research impacts the lives of seniors.

Mary Moscato, Chief Operating Officer, walks us through our health care initiatives. 

Aline Russotto, Executive Director, Orchard Cove, describes the philosophy behind our communities. 

Cynthia Shulman, former HSL Board Chair, on the importance of volunteerism.

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