Faculty at the Institute for Aging Research

Faculty at the Institute for Aging Research

Lewis A. Lipsitz, M.D.
Institute Director, Senior Scientist
Irving and Edyth S. Usen and Family Chair in Medical Research 

Aging Brain Center

Sharon K. Inouye, M.D., M.P.H.
Director, Aging Brain Center and Senior Scientist
Milton & Shirley F. Levy Family Chair in Alzheimer's Disease  

Tamara G. Fong, M.D., Ph.D.
Assistant Scientist II

Eva M. Schmitt, Ph.D.
Social Gerontologist

Mobility and Falls Translational Research Center

Lewis A. Lipsitz, M.D.
Institute Director, Senior Scientist

Brad Manor, Ph.D.
Director, Mobility and Brain Function Lab

Dae Kim, M.D., Ph.D.
Staff Geriatrician

Musculoskeletal Research Center

Douglas P. Kiel, M.D., M.P.H.
Director of Medical Research, Senior Scientist

Marian T. Hannan, D.Sc., M.P.H.
Co-Director of Musculoskeletal Research Center, Senior Scientist

Sarah D. Berry, M.D., M.P.H.  
Assistant Scientist II

Wen-Chi Chou, Ph.D.
Research Fellow, Genetic Epidemiologist

Alyssa B. Dufour, Ph.D.
Statistician, Assistant Scientist I

Yi-Hsiang (Sean) Hsu, M.D., Sc.D.
Assistant Scientist II

David Karasik, Ph.D.
Associate Scientist, Director, Genetic Epidemiology Program

Kelsey Mangano, Ph.D., R.D.
Research Fellow, Nutrition Epidemiologist

Robert R. McLean, D.Sc., M.P.H.
Assistant Scientist II

Shivani Sahni, Ph.D.
Assistant Scientist II

Elizabeth J. Samelson, Ph.D. 
Associate Scientist

Palliative Care

Susan Mitchell, M.D. 
Senior Scientist

Jane L. Givens, M.D., M.S.C.E.
Assistant Scientist II

Daniel B. Kramer, M.D.
Assistant Scientist I

Quality of Care & Health Care Standards

John N. Morris, Ph.D.
Director, Social and Health Policy Research, Senior Scientist
Alfred A. and Gilda Slifka Chair in Social Gerontological Research 

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