Research Programs at the Institute for Aging Research

Research Programs

The Aging Brain Center:
Aging Brain Center will focus on the detection, prevention and amelioration of cognitive impairment. 

Experts continue to examine multiple factors that influence bone health, OP treatment, foot disorder, arthritis, nutrition and other Musculoskeletal diseases.

Palliative Care:
Committed to helping families and caregivers learn how best to care for patients with end-stage Alzheimer's disease. Palliative care seeks to relieve suffering by controlling pain and other symptoms that interfere with daily activities.

Quality of Care & Health Care Standards:
Social scientists in IFAR are involved in studies that examine how well seniors are cared for across a wide spectrum of environments, including acute-care hospitals; post-acute, short-term care; long-term care and community-based settings.

Mobility & Falls:
Takes full advantage of the multi-disciplinary resources of IFAR faculty along with partners at Brigham and Women's Hospital, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston University and Harvard Medical School to address the problems of falls. 

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