NewBridge on the Charles Assisted Living - COVID-19 Update

Learn about our actions to reduce risk for residents, families, and staff.

NewBridge on the Charles Assisted Living and Memory Care Assisted Living are actively responding to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic and proactively doing whatever it takes to keep our entire community as safe as possible. This includes relying on the expertise of Hebrew SeniorLife’s Infection Control team and following all guidance from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and Executive Office of Elder Affairs 

As of June 2, there have been five cases of COVID-19 among residents at NewBridge on the Charles Assisted Living, and sadly, three of those residents died. We send our deepest sympathies to the residents' families, and our thoughts are with those who are ill. We can also report that one resident has recovered. There have been no new confirmed cases since April 24. We will update our case reporting every Tuesday.

All residents are self-sheltering in their apartments, with significant support and services being provided directly to them. This includes efforts to reduce the social isolation that they, like all Americans, are experiencing at this time. These difficult but necessary mitigation strategies give us the ability to quickly identify and contain any new individual infections, and prevent wider outbreaks.

The no visitor policy put into effect on March 13 continues. The only people allowed in resident apartments are those who are providing direct, hands-on care.

Programming is being offered through our in-house TV channel, including religious services, fitness classes, entertainment, and other enrichment options, and programming staff is available for one-on-one activities.

All mail is disinfected and delivered to apartments, and outgoing mail is picked up at the same time. Groceries can be ordered online or dropped off by friends or family to the assisted living entrance. Groceries are disinfected and delivered directly to residents.

Engineering will still respond to apartments for emergencies.

We have additional guidelines for our Assisted Living residents:

  • Residents should not leave their apartment unless they have an essential offsite medical appointment (such as dialysis) or another critical reason that should be discussed with management prior to leaving the community. While our strong preference is for residents to avoid going outside, we recognize how important this activity is for residents. We ask residents who do go outside to:
    • Walk alone
    • Do not socialize within 10 feet of another person
    • Upon returning, avoid touching any surfaces until they are back in their home and immediately wash their hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds
  • All ordered meals (lunch and dinner) are being delivered to residents.
  • The Market is closed to residents. Those who wish to purchase something should make the request on their weekly grocery ordering sheet.

Residents should contact assisted living management immediately if they have symptoms of illness. They will receive direction from the clinical team and should remain in their apartment, and also call their primary care doctor. Any resident returning after a hospitalization must contact Security at 781-234-9260 before returning to review the appropriate protocols for their particular situation.

The primary care practice is only open for emergency visits, although they may be available for telephone visits. Please call first.

In the Memory Care Assisted Living community group activities are suspended but residents are staying comfortable and engaged in their rooms. We are doing our very best to make sure residents have what they need to ensure their well-being, including the social connection and movement which are at the core of their typical day. 

Programming is following a project-based approach, which begins with a one-on-one session with each resident, then connects the individual experiences and processes to a community product. This encourages a feeling of connectedness despite the physical separation.

As one example of how we are helping residents cope, Therapeutic Program Manager Leticia Prieto-Alvarez recently co-wrote a song with residents, “This Shall Pass,” which she recorded with residents providing backup vocals.

In addition, the following measures are in place:

  • We’ve separated each floor into two distinct areas to minimize potential exposures by creating smaller living areas with fewer residents. The full complement of Nursing Assistants is continuing to serve the floor while our Therapeutic Program Coordinators and Housekeepers are designated evenly to each side.
  • Staff is providing one-to-one support for individual care, meals, and exercise. They are also kindly helping residents back to their rooms should they wander out.
  • The clinical team is working closely with our outpatient clinic to monitor the health of each resident and employee. We are taking residents’ and employees’ temperatures twice a day. 

Snapshots from NewBridge Assisted Living