Jennifer Rhodes-Kropf.jpgThe residents of Center Communities of Brookline don’t take Zumba lightly. So it was odd when Mrs. B skipped her morning class. When CCB Zumba instructor Sally ran into Mrs. B later that day, she asked Mrs. B why she had missed the morning session.

“The resident told the instructor that her stomach was feeling off,” says CCB Geriatrician Dr. Jennifer Rhodes-Kropf. When Sally then urged Mrs. B to check in with her doctor, Mrs. B brushed it off. However, Sally knew her Zumba goers well, and was sure that Mrs. B would never miss a class unless she had serious pain. “The instructor approached me later and let me know that something was amiss with this resident, so I gave her a call,” says Dr. Rhodes-Kropf. “I urged her to come down and see me right away, and thankfully, she did.”

As Dr. Rhodes-Kropf soon discovered, Mrs. B was unknowingly suffering from an obstructed bowel and was rushed to the emergency room for surgery. Today, she is fully recovered, and attending her daily Zumba class once again.

“I think it speaks to the team approach to healthcare at CCB,” says Dr. Rhodes-Kropf. “It’s not just the access to great healthcare that sets us apart, it’s that we truly know our residents and their routines, and we look out for one another. Everyone – from the maintenance crew to the Zumba instructor – is committed to the health and wellbeing of our residents.”

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