Dear Brookline Resident:

We need your help! Your responses on a short survey will allow us to better plan for the needs of a rapidly growing and aging population in Brookline. Our goal is to enhance the already age-friendly Coolidge Corner area with programming, services, and space that provide additional places and opportunities for seniors to thrive while fostering collaborations that benefit all Brookline residents.

We’re also interested in your specific views and opinions on a senior living community we’re considering in Coolidge Corner. It would include senior living apartments with supportive services for people who are relatively independent with the possibility for some apartments for people who need a higher level of care.

We are exploring the possibility of offering community spaces and amenities in the building including a potentially wide array of social, recreational, and educational programs, wellness and fitness programs, intergenerational engagement, transportation, a gym, and spiritual services. These community spaces and amenities would be designed to keep seniors active, engaged, and independent so they can live their best lives. In addition to serving the residents who would live in the building, we’re also considering opening some of the community spaces and amenities to the broader Brookline community.

Your views and opinions will help us understand what the aging Brookline community would benefit from most. Please complete this on-line survey by October 28, 2019. Please note that participation in this survey is entirely VOLUNTARY and your answers will be CONFIDENTIAL. This survey should take you about 5-7 minutes to complete.

Thank you for sharing your opinions and helping us in our efforts to design a senior living community that meets the wants and desires of Brookline seniors and the people who love them. Your participation helps ensure the greatest benefit and impact, for the greatest number of Brookline residents, today and for generations to come.

Yours truly,

Executive Director
Center Communities of Brookline

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