Sloane Family is Mission-Driven in Business and Philanthropy

The Sloane FamilyMarshall Sloane remembers visiting his grandmother at a Jewish home for poor elders on Queen Street in Dorchester—a home that later grew to become Hebrew SeniorLife. Today Marshall and his children, Barry and Linda, are mission-driven business leaders and philanthropists who are dedicated to giving back to a community that has meant so much to them.

"My grandfather landed in the United States 112 years ago with little more than the clothes on his back,” says Barry, who is president and CEO of Century Bank, a company Marshall founded in 1969. "This community has been very good to our family, and we're strongly committed to giving back." The Sloanes have supported HSL as volunteer leaders - Barry is a Trustee and serves on the Housing Committee - and as philanthropists, with a gift that created and named a beautiful urban oasis garden at Center Communities of Brookline, one of HSL's supportive senior communities. The Sloanes and Century Bank care deeply about Brookline, and about the seniors who rely on HSL's services to remain independent and in the community for as long as possible.

"It's so gratifying when we see someone who we’ve lent money to start a business, help their family, and succeed," says Marshall, who is Century Bank’s chairman. “I feel the same way about charitable giving. When you donate money to an organization you believe in and something good comes out of it, it’s extremely rewarding.

Linda Sloane Kay, executive vice president at Century Bank, reconnected with HSL through her longtime friend Dorothy Kelly Gay, HSL’s former director of Senior Supportive Housing. “I saw people my own age volunteering, getting involved, and donating,” Linda explains. “I started to understand more about all the different ways that the organization helps seniors, with research, for example. It took HSL to shake things up and point out that existing approaches to caring for older people were wrong. What HSL is doing is truly helping seniors worldwide, not just in our own community.

"The fifth commandment tells us to honor our mother and father," remarks Barry. "Family is at the heart of our business and our philanthropy, and partnering with HSL is one way that we can help provide the critical services that seniors need to be well, not just physically but also socially and emotionally.

It's a sentiment that has clearly been shared across generations of the Sloane family. "I got my moral compass from my father," says Marshall, who has been married to his wife, Barbara (pictured above), for more than 60 years. "My children are picking up the ball now, and that makes me so proud."