Hospice care is provided by specialized multi-disciplinary teams, comprised of medical professionals, including physicians and nurses; in-home aides; social workers; chaplains; volunteers; families and friends. Each member of the team is equally important to optimizing care and may assume greater or lesser roles at any given time based on patient need.

Our hospice staff understand and honor the diversity of Jewish sensibilities and spiritual perspectives around life and death. They offer guidance informed by Jewish values and traditions in line with each patient’s orientation. Specially trained, and with a deep-rooted appreciation for the spiritual dimension of life, the Hebrew SeniorLife Hospice Care team is uniquely skilled to meet the spiritual needs of all patients who come to us from diverse religious and spiritual backgrounds.


The mission of HSL Hospice Care is to provide exceptional care to terminally ill patients and their families allowing patients to attain the highest quality of life possible. HSL Hospice aims to provide the highest quality hospice service that is responsive to the diverse needs of Jews of all backgrounds and religious or secular predilections, along with people of all faiths and cultures. The hospice seeks to work in partnership with the Jewish community and its many agencies and synagogues to provide thoughtful understanding of the spectrum of planning and choices for end-of-life care.


The vision of HSL Hospice is to be the foremost provider of hospice services in the Boston area known for the highest quality of care, a commitment to Jewish values and community, and innovative end of life educational programming.

Meet Our Hospice Leadership Team

  • David Tsai - Medical Director
  • Maureen Bannan - Executive Director/Hospice and Home Care
  • Susan Walsh - Hospice Clinical Manager
  • Sara Smolover - Volunteer Services Manager, Hebrew SeniorLife Hospice Care
  • Rabbi Joel Baron - Chaplain
  • Bill Shulman - Hospice Volunteer