Hebrew SeniorLife now offers Hebrew SeniorLife Personal Assistance.

Working under contracts with state-funded Aging Senior Access Points (ASAPs), the goal of the program is to allow seniors to maintain independence in their own homes for as long as possible. Workers assist with house-keeping tasks such as shopping, laundry, and meal preparation, and also provide personal care including assistance with dressing and bathing. Services are provided to elderly and/or disabled clients who meet income eligibility guidelines established by the ASAPs.

Hebrew SeniorLife Personal Assistance partners with the following ASAPs to serve seniors in the Great Boston area:

  • Boston Senior Home Care 617-451-6400 
  • Central Boston Elder Services 617-277-7416 
  • Ethos 617-522-6700 
  • Springwell 617-926-4100

If you think you may be eligible for services, contact your local ASAP and request services from Hebrew SeniorLife Personal Assistance.

For more information, call 617-224-4141.