Maybe it was their smiling faces on the sidelines—cheering you on at Little League. Or the late nights they spent helping you with those term papers. But one thing is for sure: Your parents were there for you when you needed them. And as they age, we want to help you return the favor.

Latest Episode Living With Purpose, Pandemic or Not

On this episode we speak with two special guests about how seniors have found ways to connect and live meaningful lives in unexpected ways this past year, and how Hebrew SeniorLife’s approach to senior living helps older adults focus on what matters most to them, even when the world is upside down.

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One Size Does Not Fit All: Supporting Couples with Varying Care Needs

The continuing care retirement communities of Hebrew SeniorLife are known for helping individuals and couples maximize their mutual quality of life while also providing the health care and social support each individual needs. On this episode we’ll discuss this common scenario with Aline Russotto, Executive Director of Orchard Cove in Canton, and Bob Tutnauer, a resident of NewBridge on the Charles in Dedham.

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Long-Term Chronic Care During a Pandemic

In this episode we interview two adult children whose parents have been patients of Hebrew Rehabilitation Center throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Safer Senior Living in Uncertain Times

In our latest episode, "Safer Senior Living in Uncertain Times," we hear from Julie Schroeder and Martha Samuelson as they speak on their experience of having a parent in an independent living community during COVID-19. They shed light on the advantages senior living communities can offer during these unprecedented times.

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Bridging the Generations During a Pandemic

In this episode, we discuss creative ways for grandparents and grandchildren to meaningfully connect during the COVID-19 crisis.

Tammy Retalic, RN

Lynda Doctoroff Bussgang

Lynda Doctoroff Bussgang is the director of the Adam and Matan Adelson Multigenerational Program. She oversees and develops intergenerational programs for all of Hebrew SeniorLife’s campuses. Lynda is a graduate of Harvard College and the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

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In this episode, we explore the concept of art as medicine, and share ideas about easy ways anyone can use creative expression to engage with a parent with memory loss.

Tammy Retalic, RN

Leticia Prieto Alvarez
Therapeutic Program Manager, Memory Care Assisted Living, NewBridge on the Charles

Leticia Prieto Alvarez leads an interdisciplinary team of expressive therapists and program coordinators caring for seniors with memory loss and dementia. Leticia is a licensed mental health counselor with a master’s degree in expressive art therapies from Lesley University and a master’s degree in viola performance from the New England Conservatory. She is currently pursuing her doctorate in health sciences from Rey Juan Carlos University.

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Long-Term Care as Life Enhancement

In this episode, we talk about long-term senior care, and some of the misconceptions that surround it. We’ll help adult children get clarity on the options available.

Tammy Retalic, RN

Tammy Retalic, RN
Chief Nursing Officer & Vice President, Patient Care Services

Tammy B. Retalic, MS, RN, is the Chief Nursing Officer and the Vice President of Patient Care Services for Hebrew SeniorLife in Boston. She has over 25 years of operational and clinical leadership experience in academic and community-based hospitals, post-acute care services, and education and training.

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Memory Matters

In this episode, we explore memory loss. What’s normal, what’s not, and when to worry about your aging parents. From forgetting keys to wandering, we discuss how to figure out what’s going on, and how to get help for the whole family.

Gary Epstein-Lubow

Dr. Gary Epstein-Lubow
Medical Director, Center for Memory Health at Hebrew SeniorLife

Dr. Epstein-Lubow is the medical director for the Hebrew SeniorLife’s Center for Memory Health. He oversees the clinical services for individuals with dementia and related disorders through clinical care, education, advocacy, and research.

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Starting the Conversation

In this episode, we’ll discuss strategies for opening up conversations with your parents about aging, how adult children can really pay attention to what matters most to their parents, and how caregiving can help maximize quality of life as they define it.

Aline Russotto

Aline Russotto
Executive Director at Orchard Cove

Aline has been with Orchard Cove since 1998. As Executive Director, she oversees all daily operations. She is the founder of the award-winning Vitalize 360SM program, which inspires seniors to make lifestyle changes for improved health and greater quality of life.

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Not Thriving at Home

In this episode, we’ll discuss how to respond when you notice an aging parent or other loved one not quite thriving at home, from services you can bring into the home to a variety of senior living and care options.

Catherine Oettinger

Catherine Oettinger, LICSW, MPH
Director of Community Life at Orchard Cove

Catherine has been with Orchard Cove since 2014—and has been part of the Hebrew SeniorLife family for much longer. In her role, she focuses on creating a vibrant and engaging community for the residents of Orchard Cove.

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About the Podcast

Our new podcast, “There for Them,” is a valuable resource for supporting your parents as they explore their next step in life. You’ll get advice on everything from how to start that first conversation to how to make an informed decision together.

Tara Fleming-Caruso

Tara Fleming-Caruso, MA, LMHC
Collaborative Care Advisor at Hebrew SeniorLife

Tara has more than 25 years’ experience in elder care. She currently serves as the collaborative care advisor for Hebrew SeniorLife’s NewBridge on the Charles campus, making her an important resource for residents and their families.