Post-Acute-Rehab-Tildsley.jpgMr. Tildsley attends the Get Up and Go exercise program at Hebrew Rehabilitation Center in Boston.  Get Up and Go is a supervised gym-based strength and endurance program for seniors.  In addition to keeping him on track, he says it provides a social setting for him, a place to be with his peers.  "I tried other gyms, but after my stay in the Rehabilitative Services Unit (RSU) at Hebrew Rehabilitation Center in Dedham I wasn’t ready for my regular gym. The staff here keeps me motivated and I need that motivation right now."

Mr. Tildsley says that staff kept him highly motivated throughout his stay on the RSU.  "They were all great," he said. "Every single day they got me up and out of bed to start my therapy program.  If it wasn’t for the staff I wouldn’t be at Get Up and Go today."

On a recent visit to Get Up and Go, Mr. Tildsley met several of his therapists who treated him on the RSU in Dedham. The staff wanted to observe the progress their former patient has been making post-discharge. 

He was happy to see Catherine Stone, PT, DPT, his physical therapist.  Mr. Tildsley practiced his golf swing with Catherine. "I want to return to playing golf soon," he said, as he took a swing.  

And he spent time talking with his speech pathologists, Caitlin Pender, MA, CCC, SLP, and Janice Buziak-Smith, MS, CCC, SLP.

Caitlin worked with Mr. Tildsley for 6 weeks on the RSU after his brain surgery to repair a blood vessel.  The goals for speech therapy targeted high level language organization, attention, memory, and executive function skills.

Since Mr. Tildsley had always been a highly independent person, the biggest challenge for him was accepting that neurological recovery and progress would take time. "He remained highly motivated and ready to take on any challenge he was presented with throughout treatment," said Caitlin.

During their time together, Mr. Tildsley made great strides towards his recovery and significant progress towards all cognitive-linguistic goal areas. He achieved his short-term goal of returning home and continues to work on his ultimate goal of returning to work. Bob's story is an inspiration to many who have had an acute neurological event, such as a stroke or brain injury, because he worked so hard to overcome obstacles and remained patient and motivated during the many stages of recovery. Caitlin summed it up by saying, "It was an honor working with him!"

Meredith Levin, OTR/L, Mr. Tildsley's occupational therapist, asked him to demonstrate his progress with weights. Sitting at a table, he and Meredith shared a few laughs as he lifted light weights. “I’m also doing this at home.” 

Evelyn O'Neil, manager of Get Up and Go, says Mr. Tildsley is the perfect candidate for the program. "He needs the level of supervision we provide and we’re there to motivate him to the next level."