Listed below are additional services available to residents of the Jack Satter House:

Fitness Center

Our fitness center is staffed by a health and fitness specialist who provides group classes and personalized fitness programs including instruction on strength training and cardiovascular equipment.


Our Vitalize360 program helps our residents make lifestyle changes that lead not only to improved health, but to a richer quality of life. With the help of a Vitalize360 coach, residents look at the 360 degree view – health, nutrition, physical and mental fitness, community links, lifelong learning and spirituality – and develop new life goals.

Tenants’ Association

At the heart of life at the Jack Satter House is the Tenants Association, a group of tenants who organize and participate in activities for all residents including outings, social events and special celebrations. Their goal is to help bring recreational, cultural and spiritual enrichment to all residents.

Spiritual Life

Jack Satter House has several religious services groups that enhance the spiritual life of our community. Groups include Congregation 420, led by Jewish residents and our community Rabbi which hold services every Friday and Saturday. There is a weekly Rosary Group for our Catholic residents and a weekly Bible study class.

Remarkable People