NBOC_sub_Stone.jpgA Friend Who's Always There
Roz Holt and Marilyn Stone moved to NewBridge within the first months of the community opening. They had both lived in Lexington, but had never met each other. When they met at NewBridge, something clicked and they discovered they had much in common. Their relationship deepened when Roz’s husband, Eddie, passed away. According to Roz, Marilyn was always there. They describe their friendship as "being there when someone needs you the most."

They both believe that friends become an indispensable support network as you get older and bring with them new ideas and new ways of looking at life. Roz and Marilyn call their friendship "sisterlike." Both wanted to make NewBridge a warm and welcoming community so they worked together to create a Hospitality Committee, a monthly birthday celebration dinner and a dining room program to introduce members of the community to each other. Together, they’ve created a warm and welcoming atmosphere for everyone living at NewBridge.