CCB_sub_JudthJ.jpgMoving to Center Communities of Brookline was a family decision for Judith Juster. After her husband died in 2010, Judith knew she didn't want to continue to live on Long Island. Although there were lots of family visits, everything had to be planned in advance. The visits lacked the spontaneity of a quick luncheon or trip to the mall for a sale. She was ready, but knew what she wanted. And she wanted to be the one making the decision.

Fortunately for Judith, her daughter, Diane, approached this challenge with forethought and determination. She and her mother both agreed as to what was important - a stimulating environment; nice people; a meal plan; music, art and film nearby; available health care; and a safe and secure neighborhood. Diane did all the research and visited many communities. She narrowed the choice to two and encouraged her mom to visit and make the final decision…and the decision was CCB. Several months later, Judith moved. And now, a year later, Judith considers CCB to be her home. "Everyone is friendly; there's lots to do; I love not cooking and worrying about bad winters," says Judith, "but most importantly, I love being near my family and watching my great-grandchildren grow up. Our relationships are so much more relaxed," she adds. "They know I'm safe, happy and independent, and that goes a long way."

As for Diane, she has words of advice for other adult children who are exploring their parents move to a senior community. First, says Diane, "do your homework; take lots of tours; and ask lots of questions. Then, based on your parent's preferences, narrow down the choices. It's too much for them to see lots and lots of place. They start to look alike after a while!" Thirdly, suggests Diane, "bring your parent for a visit. Make sure that they meet the staff and other residents." And finally, let them make the decision. It will, in most cases, be their home for the rest of their lives, so they have to feel comfortable with the choice that they make.

And a word of advice from Judith – "keep a positive attitude and approach this phase of life with an open mind. You'll be so much happier!"