CCB_sub_JaniceJennifer.jpgJennifer Denton had driven the trip from Brookline to Amherst to see her mother more times than she'd like to recall. And to make matters worse, her young son would often get carsick. For her mom, Janice, driving on the turnpike was no longer as easy as it had been. It seemed as if it was time to make a change.

At first, Janice moved to the lower level of Jennifer’s apartment. But it wasn't right. She felt that her Mom had little motivation to leave the house to explore and her lack of socialization was a concern to Jennifer. When a friend of Jennifer's suggested that she take a look at The Marilyn and André Danesh Family Residences at 100 Centre Street, she was intrigued. But she knew that any move was her mother’s decision.

"We were looking," says Jennifer, "for a place that my mom could be independent, could be a part of the community – both inside and outside a building , and a place where there would be access to lots of activities and an a medical support system. And," she continued, "we wanted her within walking distance of our home. Watching her grandson grow up is very important to all of us."

Janice, a retired librarian, has now lived at CCB for three years. Being close to family was very important to her. She never knew her own grandparents and wanted to be sure that she was a large part of her grandson's life. But she also wanted independence. "I've travelled all over the world,” says Janice, “and have always cherished my life experiences." At CCB, she doesn't stay in one place – on Thursdays, she volunteers at the Senior Center reception desk and during the week, she loves her daily walks in Coolidge Corner and the movies she sees at the Coolidge Cinema.

My advice to others, says Jennifer, is "don't push too hard." Have lots of conversations, she continues, but let the decision be that of your parents. "It’s so nice to know that my mother is happy and engaged," says Jennifer, "and I particularly love that she’s available to babysit!"