Financial Information

Learn about Hebrew Rehabilitation Center's pricing and how to apply for discounted medical services.

Price Transparency

We are committed to sharing our standard hospital charges with all current and prospective patients and their families. Please keep in mind that your out of pocket costs will depend on a number of variables, including any insurance or Medicaid coverage you may have.

The goal of price transparency files is to disclose the cash price and the negotiated discounted charges with insurers. Hebrew Rehabilitation Center primarily serves dual eligible seniors.  Our gross charges in FY20 were 81% Medicare and Medicaid. Before reviewing the Standard Charges and Shoppable Services files, please read the Price Transparency Special Notes document. If you have questions about Hebrew Rehabilitation Center’s pricing, please contact us at 617-971-5766.

Price Transparency Special Notes

Standard Hospital Charges

Shoppable Services

Financial Assistance

Whether you have no insurance or not enough, you can apply for financial assistance. Our fiscal staff will work with you to help you complete the financial assistance application and apply for eligible government health insurance programs.

If approved, patients at or below 300% of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL) may receive a 40% discount on billed charges. Patients who qualify cannot be charged more than the amount generally billed (AGB), currently 66% of billed charges.

How to Apply

Our financial assistance policy and application are available for download here, or for pick up in our admissions office on the B1 Level at 1200 Centre Street, Boston, MA. You may also call us at call 617-971-5824 to have the policy and application mailed to you.

Financial Assistance Policy

Financial Assistance Application

When completed, please return your application to Hebrew Rehabilitation Center, Attn: Collection Coordinator-Fiscal Services, 1200 Centre Street, Boston, MA 02131.