CCB_sub_Craig.jpgJim Craig has followed his heart and conscience for his entire life. His life has been as varied as his current interests. Jim has lived at Center Communities of Brookline since 2013 and considers himself to be a "happy camper."

Jim's career and education have taken many interesting twists and turns. His had his first job at age 10 as a newspaper carrier and it was quickly followed at 15 with a job as a soda fountain manager. Jim joined the Navy at 17 and was sent by them to MIT to study engineering. He finished the four year program in 2 2/3 years. Following the Navy, Jim worked at Raytheon, but found that defense work was not to his liking. A degree from Harvard Business School led him to the field of hotel management and property development. During his years with the Sonesta Corporation, he not only developed Lewis Wharf and Union Wharf in downtown Boston, he also helped to change the way that hotels were run. Jim's busy professional life led to travels around the world including Europe, the Middle East, Hawaii and Thailand.

But Jim's true passion is educating himself as well as others. Following his retirement at age 65, Jim attended the Harvard University School of Education and became involved in social activism. In addition to teaching at the Boston Latin Academy and Mt. Ida College, Jim and his late wife actively protested the war in Vietnam and became involved in the development of not-for-profit organizations that promoted job training and built low income housing.

Today, at age 89, Jim is as active and engaged as ever. He is a proponent of volunteerism and spends time leading discussion groups and teaching courses. He studies every day and has taught himself history, humanities and geology. His most recent lecture, the result of his personal studies, is entitled "From Ancient Persia to Modern Iran." Jim is also the current president of the CCB Resident Council. His goal is to improve the quality of life for his neighbors through both small and large initiatives. It’s a goal that he has had throughout his life. His commitment has never changed.