If you’re interested in applying to live in Enhanced Living at Orchard Cove, the following steps outline our application process:

  1. Complete Our Application. The first step in applying to our Enhanced Living is completing our application form. This will provide us with details about who you are and what matters most to you so we can ensure a program customized to meet your exact needs.

  2. Send Us Your Medical Records. With your application, we request that your primary care physician’s office send us your most recent medical records.

  3. Provide Financial Information. We also ask you to disclose financial information so together we can be certain Orchard Cove is an affordable option for you.

  4. Meet with Our Nursing Director. Our Nursing Director will meet with you to discuss how Enhanced Living at Orchard Cove can support your well-being and enable your best life.

It is our goal to have sufficient information about you in advance of coming to Orchard Cove so we are prepared to provide the best experience for you from your very first day living in our community.

To begin your path to residency in our Enhanced Living, please contact Retirement Counselor Sandra Spring at 781-821-3290 for more information.