Orchard Cove offers a mix of cultural activities, art workshops and presentations, health and wellness programs, computer courses, and much more. We believe having the opportunity to participate in a variety of interesting and pertinent activities is a vital link to staying healthy and living well.

You and your family members are invited to attend and registration is required in advance. To register, please call Angela Labonte at 781-821-3226.

Please sign up on our Contact Us page to receive advance email event invitations. All events take place in the Ballroom at Orchard Cove.

May Events

Tuesday, May 1 at 3:00pm - Climate Change and Landscape
presented by Mass Audubon’s Sean Kent
The climate of Massachusetts is already changing—and with it, our natural lands, waters, and wildlife. This talk will explore the effect of climate change on the nature of Massachusetts, focusing on native wildflowers, bird migration, the monarch butterfly, and more.

Saturday, May 5 at 7:30pm - Historical Women “Amelia Earhart – Pioneer in Aviation”
presented by actress Sheryl Faye
Actress Sheryl Faye will make history come alive in this one-woman show about Amelia Earhart. Amelia Earhart’s fearless, adventuresome spirit leads to hair-raising rides down her homemade roller coaster, and she is enthralled with the wonders of the new “flying machines” during a family vacation to the Iowa State Fair. As she matures, she is fulfilled by her work as a nurse’s aide and begins to consider a career in medicine. This idea “flies out the window,” however, when she pays a pilot $1.00 to take her up for a short “hop” in his plane. From then on, the science of aviation becomes her passion as flying becomes her career.

Saturday, May 12 at 7:30pm - Classical Indian Dance
presented by Tara Ahmed
With elements of storytelling, rhythmic footwork and athletic grace, Kuchipudi relays vivid stories from Hindu mythology. "Taal Tales" offers both a history of classical Indian dance and performances of lively dance pieces. In this highly interactive program, participants are engaged by watching and participating in dance sequences, and asking questions.

Saturday, May 19 at 7:30pm - The New England General Store
presented by Ted Reinstein
Broadcast journalist Ted Reinstein shares the rich and colorful history of this iconic institution, how they figured in the rise of early American commerce, why they began to fade, and why—like another New England icon, the diner—they have begun to come back and even be re-invented and re-imagined for a new era. Told with anecdotes from a variety of local landmark stores across the region, the presentation is accompanied by the award-winning photography of Art Donahue.

Wednesday, May 30 at 11:00am - The People’s Art
presented by artist Nancy Schon and local sculptor Chris Frost
We begin with a look at the recent proliferation of “public art” with Boston’s beloved Nancy Schon and local sculptor Chris Frost. With her new book, Nancy Schon tells the complex stories of how public art comes to be: the many steps in the artistic process as well as the more complex community and public process. The series will continue through June and July with a trip to the Boston Public Library and discussions led by representatives of Commonwealth Shakespeare and the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway.