At 88, Faye Berzon is still a registered nurse. "I love being able to help people," says Faye, "and that has never changed."

Faye began her nursing career during the 2nd world war as a cadet nurse. With so many nurses going off to war, younger and younger nurses were filling in at the hospitals. She graduated from nursing school at the Beth Israel Hospital and continued her studies at Simmons College, BU and the University of Massachusetts. At the time of her "first" retirement, Faye was the Chairman of the Nursing Department at Massasoit Community College.

But learning is something that has never ended for Faye. At age 65, she returned to school and obtained a Certificate in Gerontology from UMass/Boston. "As I got older," says Faye, "I wanted to learn about the issues that might be affecting me." According to Faye, this was the best of all her college experiences.

Faye continued to help people as a volunteer for the South Shore Elder Services Ombudsman Program where she visited residents in nursing homes and spoke on their behalf. She also served on the Board of the Sharon Council on Aging and the Commission on Disabilities.

Her move to Orchard Cove occurred at the end of 2014. Her concern after her husband died was that she might become socially isolated. At Orchard Cove, she has renewed acquaintances with old friends (including fellow nurses) and met so many new people. "I love the idea," says Faye, "that at age 88, there are so many new people to meet and new things to do."