Milton and Iona Levenfeld took a leap of faith. They lived their entire lives in the Chicago area and met while both were students at the University of Chicago. Both were very involved in their Highland Park community where Milton practiced law and Iona was a homemaker. Two of their three children had settled in the Boston area.

A fall changed everything. Iona broke her leg and spent several weeks in rehab. Their children sprang into action and the family decided that it was time for a move. After researching options, the children felt Orchard Cove was the best choice. The Levenfelds thought they had time to clean out their house and decide what would accompany them to their new home. But their house sold in three days and they had three months to close up a house that they had lived in for 50 years.

They moved to their new apartment sight unseen. They've been pleasantly surprised by everything. "There is a culture of happiness at Orchard Cove," says Iona," and we are both overwhelmed by the friendliness of our new neighbors as well as the staff."

"Moving to a new community you've never seen has been an adventure," adds Milton, "but you have to be open to new experiences and new people. That's what makes life interesting and rich."