Bernyce Shimberg and Mel Frankel knew each other when they moved into Orchard Cove over ten years ago. They were acquainted through their spouses yet both had since become widowed. Through the activities they both participated in at Orchard Cove, they reconnected and renewed their friendship. Both Bernyce, blond petite and vivacious as well as Mel, tall and broad shouldered with wavy salt and pepper hair, slowly yet surely over time began to experience a stronger attraction and a deeper connection. To both of their surprise and delight, their friendship blossomed into love. They do acknowledge how important it was to be friends first. They also add that “our love is enriched so much by the greater circle of friends that we share together here at Orchard Cove. The spark of their love is apparent in both Bernyce and Mel, who are amongst the most active and welcoming in the community.