NewBridge Intergenerational Interaction imageWhen visiting the NewBridge campus you’ll see that intergenerational interactions with children and students of all ages are part of the daily fabric of life in our community. We’re an intergenerational campus where residents and young people share in educational and social activities regularly. The Rashi School on campus has over 500 students ranging from kindergarten to eighth grade who participate with our residents in their school and on our campus. Our programs also include the Dedham Public Schools.

Life at NewBridge offers many opportunities to enjoy a mutually beneficial multigenerational relationship with a child or student who will benefit from your life’s wisdom and experience. These young people bring liveliness and joy into the community, participating in sing-a-longs, games, and holiday celebrations, and our residents give their time reading, tutoring and supporting the students.

Students also benefit from the opportunity to volunteer their time. They visit the Hebrew Rehabilitation Center on campus to share artwork, perform plays, sing, and simply spend time visiting with residents who are in short-term and long-term care as well as special support areas.