NBOC_sub_Sands.jpgGetting the Guys Together Forms New Friendships
Friendships are just as important for men as they age as they are for women. Studies reveal that men who have close friends are generally happier and live longer than men who don't.  Yet research shows the number of friends men have as they age to be steadily dropping in recent times, leading to greater isolation and loneliness.  But the effort to make and have friends is worth it, even more so as we age.

The NewBridge Men's Club is in its second year of monthly meetings, drawing up to 100 men at a time. The club was founded by Gerry Sands, who was aware men were in the minority in the community and that many single or widowed men were dining alone.  "I began to think that there was a need for a group to get together where men could get involved in things that might be of interest to us," said Sands.

Gerry started the club intending to bring in speakers but after initial introductions of the members, he realized they had amazing accomplishments and life stories just amongst NewBridge men. "It was evident we have an awful lot of talent here."  He began asking members to speak and the programs so far have all featured residents.
Stan Rosenzweig and Malcolm Greene have become closer friends with Gerry through the club.  Both men play an active role in running the club and have made more friends as a result of their participation. 

"I love living at NewBridge and interacting with the other men is a very good experience," said Green. "It's provided me the opportunity to meet new people with different personalities and experiences I can learn from. The men’s club creates a good atmosphere that feels like home."

"There are so many men here who have so many stories to share," said Rosenzweig. "We've been able to bring those stories out of people and give them the opportunity to share their experiences with others."

"It's great that the NewBridge Men's Club has created an environment where we all have so many more friends," said Sands.