Currently exhibiting in the Daniels Art Gallery,  Lynn Liberman explain what art means to her:

"Painting, for me, is language, a visual language, passed from a painter to canvas, from canvas to viewer. Whether it originates from an idea or an image, a mood or a vision, it is a language to be shared. Sartre said that a painting does not mean anything, it had meaning. And for me, to convey "meaning," is a compelling and exciting challenge. I, as an artist, make a statement, using either light and shadow, color, form, image, space, or line. But whether that statement is simple or profound, I feel it is important that the viewer interpret that statement in his or her own way. My thoughts or purposes at the time of creation are no longer relevant. The painting must stand on its own now, and hopefully give some meaning, in Sartre's sense, to the observer. Finally, though with every canvas approached there are always problems that must be solved, though often there are frustrations and doubts, and sometimes disappointments, painting for me, is, and always will be, a joyous experience, a thrilling journey, and a demanding challenge to reach new horizons." 

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