At Hebrew SeniorLife, we place a priority on professional development opportunities for our employees.

A unique program is the Advanced Career Path for CNAs, which offers a nursing specialty certification for HSL CNAs (Certified Nursing Assistants). Participants are trained in advanced senior care, dementia, family relationships, negotiation, leadership, mentoring, and more. Graduates earn the title Senior CNA and are empowered to use their new skills to improve quality of care that residents and patients receive on a daily basis.

The Advanced Career Path for CNAs fills a need for more advanced and effective career development opportunities that are specifically for CNAs, many of whom come from diverse backgrounds and face economic and cultural barriers to traditional education programs. The program helps to develop the personal and professional trajectory of frontline caregivers.

The Advanced Career Path for CNAs program serves as a replicable model for professional development and has already been adopted by several other Boston health care providers. The program is funded through the generosity of The Boston Foundation.

"One of the biggest tools I gained is better communication skills when dealing with patients, their families and my co-workers. I learned how to stay calm in difficult situations and take time out to understand the other person's needs without jumping to conclusions, and to share that knowledge with others."
- Clovie Graham, a 28-year Hebrew Rehabilitation Center employee and Advanced Career Path graduate

This program is available for current Hebrew SeniorLife employees. For full-time staff positions at Hebrew SeniorLife, please visit our careers site.