Ruth and Abe Bornstein have come full circle. They were high school sweethearts in Chelsea, MA and bought their first home as a married couple in Randolph. Since that time, they have lived in Hull and then, for the past 27 years, in the warmth of Delray Beach, Florida. And now, they're back in Randolph.

Abe retired from his food truck catering business at 62 and then took on a second career as a tennis aide at the Boca Raton Tennis Club. Ruth enjoyed her "life of luxury and warmth" in Florida. "We always enjoyed Florida life," she says, "but knew it was time to come home."

"We picked a cold and snowy winter to come back to Massachusetts," says Ruth, "but we're very pleased with our decision." "Not only are we close to family," adds Abe, "we feel very safe and secure at Simon C. Fireman Community. Ruth and I," he continues, "don’t worry about anything. The staff has the residents' best interests at heart. They are remarkable."

Today, Abe spends a lot of time in the gym and has recently started participating in Tai Chi classes. He's been invited to join "the girls" for Sunday evening poker. They don't let him win – which is just fine – he just wants to be sure he’s invited back! For, Ruth, the days go by very quickly. She volunteers, plays bridge, meets friends and sees family – and appreciates the well-rounded life that she and Abe have returned to.