"Get Up & Go" Senior Exercise at Hebrew SeniorLife

Physical decline is not an inevitable consequence of aging. Much of the physical frailty associated with aging is due to inactivity, disease or poor nutrition. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that nearly 35 percent of seniors 65-74 are inactive, and more as we get older. The good news is that many of the problems associated with inactivity can be helped—or even reversed—with exercise.

"Get Up & Go" is a supervised gym-based program for any local senior 60 years of age and older who wishes to exercise at our Boston campus. The program focuses on progressive strength, balance, and endurance or cardiovascular training.

The program begins with a comprehensive fitness evaluation to determine appropriateness of the program for the senior, by our experienced exercise professionals. This evaluation includes the following:

  • Review of the client’s medical and fitness history
  • Physical performance assessment
  • Strength ability testing

Hours and Location

Tuesdays & Thursdays: 8:00am - 4:00pm, by appointment only

We are located on the B1 level in Roslindale, behind the Outpatient Clinic.


  • One-time, nonrefundable enrollment fee: $100
    *Includes consultation & physical evaluation
  • $175 per 16 visits

Ready to “Get Up & Go”? Please call Claire at 617-363-8284 to learn more.